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Not all smiles

It may seem strange to be writing a review of a book published over 30 years ago – but its subject is Miles Davis, one of the musical giants of the last half of the 20th century and reading it is as challenging as his music was. Moreover, despite being ghosted, it seems that all Quincy Troupe did was write down (with little apparent editing) what Miles said. So, there is little likelihood that Miles would feel mis represented…… which is telling.

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We Love You So

Grandchildren – don’t you just love ’em?

Don’t Let Go

Occasionally you have to take yourself aside for a good talking to, I find.

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An old friend and me

The Band had the Big Pink, Eric played dominoes at 461 Ocean Boulevard and Mr Stills had a whole railway station, whilst The Bad Dads (well two thirds of them) had Dock Cottage. It was all the rage in the 70s, bands would go all residential in big rambling houses in remote or exotic places in order to craft their next album, largely un-interrupted by the outside world. These sojourns would typically last for months with music being made at any time day or night – as the inspiration took them (or as Calvin Samuels, bass player in Manassas, put it ‘whenever the boss said so, as he was paying’).

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Dance to your Daddies

My little Lassie

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Tricky Times

Where would we be without love?

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Band in a Van

The music industry can be a hard taskmaster. It’s not enough (according to our agent) to write, record and produce half decent songs (‘if only!!’ some may comment………), you also have to have visuals.

Visuals ??!!

Yup … to be a successful band you have to do music videos!

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Song Writing

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Path Of The Gods

A long, hot Summer requires a soundtrack to help us all along – and here, somewhat belatedly, given that we now seem to be cooling down a tad, is the SUMMER RELEASE from THE BLOKES – PATH OF THE GODS.

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I need some loving from you

This song was written in 1976 for the ill-fated band Xylophone Moustache – ill-fated because they broke up before ever playing a gig. This song was never performed or recorded.

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