Don’t Let Go

Occasionally you have to take yourself aside for a good talking to, I find.


Capitalism = Racism


Who is the massive turd Guardian?


  1. I love this Bryan. Great composition, cool arrangement and your trademark vocals.

    Do I sense an album in the making?

    • Bryan

      Well thank you sir! I rather like the idea of having ‘trademark vocals’. Much credit to my collaborator Mr Grimly for the arrangement and, as ever, fashioning the final product from a lot of raw music!

      An album? Could The Blokes get it together? Well, like all great projects we have a title: ‘Best (and only) Blokes’.

  2. Mr Grimly

    I have been noodling with an instrumental over the last few days. Got any phat bass in ya cupboard. I could with a line or two. I will be in touch.

    • Bryan

      I’d like to say that Phat was my middle name (it does begin with a ‘P’) and I am very happy to go for a rummage in the bass bin.

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