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Bogol (19) postscript

You know how it is. You’ve let things slide a bit, taken your eye off the round bouncy thing, failed to keep across it all etc  etc and now there was going to be a reckoning …… and consequences.

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Bogol (18)

Episode 18 (of 18)

Geoffrey was waiting for me, sitting in his car in the yard. I checked myself on the path, just inside the foliage that surrounded the clearing and stared apprehensively at the back of his head. What did he want now?

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Bogol (17)

Episode 17 (of 18)

Why was I always asleep in the dark when trouble came to the door?

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Bogol (16)

Episode 16 (of 18)

Yuri leaped from the cab of what looked like a small coach and ramming his fedora on to his head walked briskly towards my open door and a half dressed me.

‘Quick Boryslav, we must move quickly.’

‘Oh yes  … please come …’

Yuri swept passed me and straight into the ‘office’.

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Bogol (15)

Episode 15 (of 18)

Then I got really, really, lucky, although at the time it seemed like a rather mixed blessing.

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Bogol (14)

Episode 14 (of 18)

‘I don’t think that’s going to work Bo,’ was her not unexpected response to my proposal that once the report was finished we could make it clear that there were no recommendations for further action and maybe my contract could be terminated.

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Bogol (13)

Episode 13 (of 18)

We stared at each other, both cross and frustrated. I felt guilty, as though I’d strung them along … but I had tried to tell them ….. but I had taken the money … and spent it … and had a new van …. and, and, and, and ….. and I had met Svet.

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Bogol (12)

Episode 12 (of 18)

To my consternation it wasn’t going to be as easy as I’d thought – the tides did not just go in and out like on the Solway Firth – the books and papers in the reference library confirmed what I had heard – that in the Solent tidal flows were complicated and at springs there appeared to be two high tides, separated by a couple of hours.

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Bogol (11)

Episode 11 (of 18)

Just two months later I pulled into the car park at Southampton General railway station. There waiting for me was Svet, entirely encumbered with bags; a rucksack on her back, briefcase in hand and two huge holdalls on the ground beside her.

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Bogol (10)

Episode 10 (of 18)

I had but only fleeting acquaintance with consciousness over the next couple days, and when I did I did not like it. I disliked most the ache that seemed to inhabit every constituent part of my being. Every constituent part! Jerome would have laughed, I couldn’t even say with any certainty that I did not have housemaid’s knee! But I knew there was other unpleasant stuff that would have to be dealt with once the ache subsided and I wasn’t ready for that.

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