Month: March 2022

Where is the peace plan?

If the priority is to stop the casualties and the destruction in Ukraine then a peace plan is necessary. What are the options and which of the various protagonists have agency in this? To what should us Liberal / Lefties in The West be adding our voices to?

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Russia is not solely responsible

Like all of us I suspect I felt sick in the stomach on Friday 25th February as news came through of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I felt sick because of what we all know about war: it kills and injures people – combatants and civilians, men, women and children; it tends to take on a life of its own beyond any initial aims; it destroys homes and infrastructure; it often displaces large numbers of people; it impoverishes and degrades lives; and it fuels hate and thoughts of revenge which can fester for years and years.

I met a very dear friend in town that morning – I had wanted to discuss Kier Starmer’s vilification of the Stop the War Coalition and the implications of this for continuing Labour Party membership. This now seemed like a bit of an irrelevance as we sat in silence not knowing what to say about the war.

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Tricky Dickying on the A57

It’s not an obvious combination I’ll grant you: Richard Milhouse Nixon and The Woodcraft Folk – but they both came through for me in my bid to cycle (at least part) of a classic trans Pennine road in traffic free conditions.

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