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US War Aims

Following the recent blogsite post ‘We are not trying to help Ukraine but rather to fight Russia’, which focussed on an analysis of the military situation in Ukraine provided by Col. Jacques Baud, the following questions were posed by my friend Andrew, a supportive onthebrynker:

‘I ask myself whether the west’s seeming provocation of Russia to the point of precipitating war was deliberate, reckless, or incompetent. It’s hard to think that such carnage and devastation is in anybody’s interests but perhaps it is.

And why are “we” (the west) wanting to fight Russia as opposed to helping Ukraine? I suppose I half know the answer to that given that western governments are in hock to big money and all that goes with it. But I still find myself wondering why!’

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We are not trying to help The Ukraine but rather to fight Russia

As a non-military theory type and someone who is naturally sceptical of media reports from one side in any war, I have struggled to understand what has actually been going on ‘on the ground’ in The Ukraine. Which is where Jacques Baud and his article ‘The Military Situation in The Ukraine’ comes in.

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Russia is not solely responsible

Like all of us I suspect I felt sick in the stomach on Friday 25th February as news came through of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I felt sick because of what we all know about war: it kills and injures people – combatants and civilians, men, women and children; it tends to take on a life of its own beyond any initial aims; it destroys homes and infrastructure; it often displaces large numbers of people; it impoverishes and degrades lives; and it fuels hate and thoughts of revenge which can fester for years and years.

I met a very dear friend in town that morning – I had wanted to discuss Kier Starmer’s vilification of the Stop the War Coalition and the implications of this for continuing Labour Party membership. This now seemed like a bit of an irrelevance as we sat in silence not knowing what to say about the war.

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Guardian Sub Editors not culpable for Assange Smears

onthebrynk apologises unreservedly for misinforming

You know how it is. There you are kicking back after a difficult job achieved – a potentially controversial blog posted and positive responses received. Then the mobile pings and there, right in your face on a whatsapp video call is the Head of Legal.

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Groangate – The Movie

Following the post entitled ‘Who is the massive turd Guardian?’ I received the following barrage of questions from a good friend:

What is going on here as far as the much-lambasted Guardian is concerned?  Is there some kind of conspiracy? and if so, how does that work? Or is it sloppiness or laziness on the part of The Guardian and its contributors? Or some kind of malice? Or just crap judgment?

Is there some kind of monolithic control at the top of the Guardian, willfully distorting and slandering because of some shared agenda? And requiring adherence throughout the organisation?

Phew! That’ll teach me to post in a ‘red mist’.

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Who is the massive turd Guardian?

Most of us, I imagine are Guardian readers.

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Capitalism = Racism

The New Age of Empire, Kehinde Andrews (2021), Allen Lane.

‘Capitalism is racism.’ That’s what it says on the inside of the dust cover.

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Book Review

This Land, The story of a movement

Owen Jones (2020) Allen Lane

It is a year since Boris Johnson’s Tory Party won the 2019 general election with an 80 seat majority – a ‘landslide’ for the Right and a ‘disaster’ for the Left. In our current covid crisis this all feels a long time ago and rather difficult to think about – but the consequences of the defeat will be with us for a long time and so this seems like an appropriate time to review a book that covers the Left’s leadership of the Labour Party in the five years preceding this.

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A Wonderful Thing – or a Pisser?

I knew as I drove back in the rain swept dark from Eckington in North East Derbyshire (a ‘must win’ constituency) on the evening of 12th December. Over the previous week the canvassed support for Labour had felt to be softening and then falling away. On polling day itself people who over the previous few weeks had indicated a promise for Labour were reluctant to talk on the doorstep. People I remembered speaking to personally looked embarrassed. My last knock seemed to sum it all up. Three weeks previously I had finished a round on an upbeat note after a promising discussion with a woman in a modern bungalow. This time the door was answered by a man who just shouted ‘Brexit!’ at me before slamming the door shut in my face.

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Knock Knock Knocking on Brexit’s door

Knock! Knock!

‘Who’s there?’

‘Sorry to disturb you I’m canvassing for Stocksbridge and Penistone La …’

‘I don’t care who you’re for ….. you’re all the same you politicians   …… just out for yourselves  …. no honesty  …. no respect for democracy  …..’

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