The judgment of history

The judgment of history is going to be extremely harsh on Western leaders’ role in the Ukraine / Russian conflict.

On The Duran platform on 22.03.24. is a discussion between Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris about the current state of the conflict in Ukraine. The main points for me are:

1) All we have been told about Russia has turned out to be bullshit:

– Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country,

– The Russian economy is weak and will be brought to its knees by economic sanctions.

– The Russian army is poorly equipped, badly led and will run away if confronted.

– Vladimir Putin has a tenuous grasp of power and regime change will be easy.

– The conflict in Ukraine has reached a stalemate with the Russian army unable to make significant progress.

2) The Russians are about to move from a military strategy of ‘active defence’ (attritional) to one of ‘offence’ designed to take full control of the four eastern Ukrainian regions where Russian is the predominant language.

3) The West has been exposed as being totally unprepared to equip and support the fight against a peer enemy. Its tactics have been demonstrated to be out of date when employed against a modern army which is able ‘to shoot back.’ Having supplied materiel to equip the Ukrainian army (twice) the West has now run out of munitions, artillery, missiles and vehicles to send. It does not have the industrial capacity to equip and re-equip a modern army despite the millions funneled into its defence industries.

4) Having pressurised Ukraine into fighting Russia, the West is not prepared to put its own soldiers on the ground or pilots in the air but is insistent that Ukraine mobilises its youth and ever older people to address its steadily increasing military manpower crisis.

5) The West’s motivation to keep an already lost war going is to get to the US presidential elections without a Ukrainian collapse that would feed into a Trump victory – or if that was un-avoidable, to then blame the subsequent collapse on him once he was in office.

6) European leaders are panicking that the US will withdraw from the continent (to focus on internal issues and the coming conflict with China), leaving them presiding over economies that have been wrecked by the counterproductive sanctions against Russia.

Alex and Alexander suggest that the West must seek terms with Russia to bring this war to an end and negotiate the basis for a sustainable peace which will bring to a halt the slaughter of Ukrainians and the continued destruction of their country.

However, it seems that Ukraine is being urged to fight on – ‘to the last Ukrainian’ in order to expedite political objectives in the US. Shame on those who do this in our name!

The video is 48 minutes long – longer than usual for The Duran – but as they say there is a lot to cover – and it does, to my mind, provide a good analysis of the current situation.


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  1. Great summary Bryan, thanks. I’ve taken the liberty of posting it in full, alongside a critique of a piece from today’s news round up by The Economist, on my own site

  2. Bryan

    Thanks Phil for the supportive comments – and increased exposure on your site!

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