Month: August 2020

Bogol (17)

Episode 17 (of 18)

Why was I always asleep in the dark when trouble came to the door?

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Bogol (16)

Episode 16 (of 18)

Yuri leaped from the cab of what looked like a small coach and ramming his fedora on to his head walked briskly towards my open door and a half dressed me.

‘Quick Boryslav, we must move quickly.’

‘Oh yes  … please come …’

Yuri swept passed me and straight into the ‘office’.

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Bogol (15)

Episode 15 (of 18)

Then I got really, really, lucky, although at the time it seemed like a rather mixed blessing.

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Bogol (14)

Episode 14 (of 18)

‘I don’t think that’s going to work Bo,’ was her not unexpected response to my proposal that once the report was finished we could make it clear that there were no recommendations for further action and maybe my contract could be terminated.

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