Month: January 2022

Guardian Sub Editors not culpable for Assange Smears

onthebrynk apologises unreservedly for misinforming

You know how it is. There you are kicking back after a difficult job achieved – a potentially controversial blog posted and positive responses received. Then the mobile pings and there, right in your face on a whatsapp video call is the Head of Legal.

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Groangate – The Movie

Following the post entitled ‘Who is the massive turd Guardian?’ I received the following barrage of questions from a good friend:

What is going on here as far as the much-lambasted Guardian is concerned?  Is there some kind of conspiracy? and if so, how does that work? Or is it sloppiness or laziness on the part of The Guardian and its contributors? Or some kind of malice? Or just crap judgment?

Is there some kind of monolithic control at the top of the Guardian, willfully distorting and slandering because of some shared agenda? And requiring adherence throughout the organisation?

Phew! That’ll teach me to post in a ‘red mist’.

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