Month: July 2020

Bogol (13)

Episode 13 (of 18)

We stared at each other, both cross and frustrated. I felt guilty, as though I’d strung them along … but I had tried to tell them ….. but I had taken the money … and spent it … and had a new van …. and, and, and, and ….. and I had met Svet.

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Bogol (12)

Episode 12 (of 18)

To my consternation it wasn’t going to be as easy as I’d thought – the tides did not just go in and out like on the Solway Firth – the books and papers in the reference library confirmed what I had heard – that in the Solent tidal flows were complicated and at springs there appeared to be two high tides, separated by a couple of hours.

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Bogol (11)

Episode 11 (of 18)

Just two months later I pulled into the car park at Southampton General railway station. There waiting for me was Svet, entirely encumbered with bags; a rucksack on her back, briefcase in hand and two huge holdalls on the ground beside her.

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Bogol (10)

Episode 10 (of 18)

I had but only fleeting acquaintance with consciousness over the next couple days, and when I did I did not like it. I disliked most the ache that seemed to inhabit every constituent part of my being. Every constituent part! Jerome would have laughed, I couldn’t even say with any certainty that I did not have housemaid’s knee! But I knew there was other unpleasant stuff that would have to be dealt with once the ache subsided and I wasn’t ready for that.

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