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The Serb / Croat war 1991/2


Sue and I undertook a short van trip around parts of Slovenia and Croatia in the spring of 2018. Whilst there it became apparent that the impact of the war in 1991/92, triggered by Croatia’s declaration of independence from the then still intact Yugoslavia, was still a major issue for the country’s inhabitants.

Two experiences in particular had a big impact on us and fuelled our curiosity as to why this conflict had broken out in Europe only 26 years ago; the siege of Dubrovnik and the partially derelict villages in the interior of the country around Plitvice Lakes. I wrote pieces on these whilst in the country and (foolishly perhaps) suggested that I might attempt to answer the ‘why question’ when back in Britain ……….

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Bravo Hull!

I think I may have mentioned that I like docks, large expanses of water, cavernous sheds and warehouses, enormous machines carrying, lifting, pushing and pulling – and of course the focus of all this activity – the loading and un loading of big ships by a multitude of figures so small against everything else. Well it was in the 1950s.

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Partisans and Collaborators

To the honour of those patriots executed by

the Germans of the Third Reich

giving their lives for our liberty

July 15 1944

These are the words on a memorial to 9 Greek partisans executed by firing squad in the square of Chora, the hill top (and former main) town on Alonissos in the Northern Aegean.  Consulting Wikipedia indicates that the wording on the memorial was changed in the 1980s to state that the perpetrators were German troops from a particular era – and, I like to think, makes clear that all Germans should not be held guilty by association. War is brutalising and I have often wondered how I would behave in such extreme and stressful circumstances.

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