Band in a Van

The music industry can be a hard taskmaster. It’s not enough (according to our agent) to write, record and produce half decent songs (‘if only!!’ some may comment………), you also have to have visuals.

Visuals ??!!

Yup … to be a successful band you have to do music videos!

Well you can see a whole array of problems straight away, not least of which would be the  band’s ability to carry the whole thing off in a competent manner (you only have to recall Jimi’s experience on Top of the Pops to know how reputationaly terminal this might be) and in any case,  who wants to see some old giffers prancing around with guitars and whatnot? – it’s been done … and, moreover, not with old giffers.

Fortunately The Blokes have friends in the business and Barefoot Brass came through for us – along with patient, innovative technical help and an ivory tinkler who was prepared, at short notice, to embrace a different instrument for the cause. Inevitably a little bit of gifferness did seep into the project – but we had run out of people and someone had to be seen to be hitting the rhythm out.

So ………

onthebrynk is proud to be the official launch site for:

Band in a Van

Featuring Barefoot Brass:

Sara Saxifrage

Sou S’Aphone

Toots Davies

Jenni le Klaxon

Upright single rope bass:

The Rev Tim Watts

Video recording:

Rid Ridley


Van  The Blokes (2017)

Produced by:

Mr Grimly


Franco not responsible for vultures


Rogan & C0

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  1. Alistair

    Sheer genius🎸🍾🎉

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