This season OLD BLOKEY offers 3 core activities which can be combined flexibly to create a full day tour. All tours start at Sheffield railway station where OB himself will meet you off a train of your choice. You will then be transported to your chosen activities in the old allotment tractor.


Visit and pick on Allotment 335 – the epicentre of seismic international upheavals in 2016, the reverberations of which we are still trying to assimilate.

– See the glass house where the rats did for the broadies and the path along which one was seen running in broad daylight! Pick from this year’s broady patch, along with raspberries and strawberries.

– See where the great conflagration took place and current plans for the next ‘big fire.’

– Please bring gardening appropriate clothing for this activity.


Take a scenic drive towards the historic market town of Chesterfield and enjoy a guided tour of the van at its secure site next to a factory and the railway lines.

– Enjoy tea / Coffee whilst watching a slide show of the recent Italian road trip.

– NB this activity requires 2 hours to complete.


Enjoy a late afternoon lunch and guided tours of:

– The grounds, taking in the ancient water feature, the big bamboo and the tree top terrace.

– The house, with its original art (Kyffn Williams, Elizabeth A Smith), the famous Sydney over-mantle, marine photography and the family photo board. See The Blokes recording studio and listen to some work in progress.

All tours conclude back at Sheffield railway station at a time convenient for your return journey.