Who’s there?

‘Sorry to disturb you, my name is Ken and I’m canvassing on behalf of Rother Valley Labour Party.’

‘Mmmm   … I’m in a bit of a hurry I’m due on shift in a bit.’

‘Can I just ask you whether you will be voting in the election?’

‘Don’t know, haven’t decided   …. Look, I’m sorry I’ve been called into the warehouse in an hour and my bloke won’t be back from his delivery job until later …… so I’ll have to ask a friend to mind the kids until he gets back.’

‘Sorry, this isn’t a good time is it?’

‘It’s just that I’ve accepted the shift, can’t afford not to really, it’s the first one I’ve been offered this week and I’ll get fined if I’m late.’

‘Well the gig economy is something that Labour will be tackling if it can form a government – better rights for workers, paid holidays and sick pay ….’

‘Not sure about Labour … sorry .. but I don’t trust that Corbyn.’

‘Oh … any particular reason?’

‘Don’t know … just don’t like him .. that’s all.’

‘What do you think about Labour’s  policies?’

‘Um …. not sure …. but they’re probably OK …. We’ve always been a Labour voting family … my dad was a miner and we have long memories around here.’

‘So you’ll remember that Jeremy Corbyn was one of the few Labour MPs who regularly stood on the picket line during the dispute?’