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Vrhovinsko – What happened here?

We had been pre- warned, although it didn’t prepare us for what we found. A blog by moho owners had talked about their drive up the valley towards Plitvice National Park and seeing the bullet holes in the walls of houses, a relic from the battles between Croats and Serbs in the early 1990s.

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Marmy Losinje

Ladies, I am reliably informed, like to attend to their correspondence in the morning – preferably propped up in bed with a view of the Adriatic and a cup of tea provided by the manservant. This is all good – it allows gentlemen to focus on their studies with a mind sharpened by that first coffee of the day. A sharp mind is a must when dealing, for example, with the complexities of the competing forces at work in post WW2 Yugoslavia and the impact these had in the subsequent Homeland War.

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Appreciating Dubrovnik

I had not visited Dubrovnik before. I know many have and may have had a similar experience, but it provided me with a rather sharp ‘in’ to the reality of recent Balkan conflicts.

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Wild Campering

By Bryan London (no relation)

I think many of us have at least one self-image of ourselves which is partly based in reality and partly aspirational – eg athlete, musician, writer, mountaineer ……

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Is Galicia the best place to park in Europe?

Well ‘Maybe’ as a Galician might say.

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Cleanliness is next to vanliness

We awoke to the sound of cleaning. Well to be accurate we awoke to the sound of sweeping and voices, conversations between children (near to us) and their parents (a little further away). Opening the blinds of the van we saw a campsite transformed from the sleepy emptiness of inactivity that had greeted us on our arrival the evening before.

‘You can only stay tonight’ the guy behind reception had explained, ‘we close tomorrow, you will have to come back next year if you want to stay longer at Largo Sanabria. 

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The Boilers on the Beach

Having spent three days inspecting tidal movement in the Solway Firth, from Maryport to Kirkcudbright, I had taken myself off to the west side of Fleet Bay for a much needed rest.

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Top Tips for Campers

A frequently expressed concern by inexperienced campers is how to prepare a satisfying evening meal under stormy conditions.  I have found that adherence to the following steps invariably ensures that campers go to sleep sated and contented whatever the weather:

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Picnic Polizia

We have got used to a very high military and police presence in Italian cities. At every major historical site, government building and train station there is an array of personnel; at least two types of police officers standing around marked vehicles and, conspicuously toting semi-automatic rifles, regular soldiers positioned around strategically parked armoured land rovers. 

When we arrived in Rome a couple of weeks ago we found this presence rather unsettling, commenting that if this was supposed to provide reassurance then it was having the opposite effect.  Then came the attack in Westminster ………….

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Bearded in Ravello

One of the joys of foreign travel is conversations with people from different cultures and perspectives – locals and other travellers.  However, we were a bit apprehensive about inevitable Brexit discussions as we travelled down the Italian peninsular and made a decision to leave Rome before the EU 60 yr. anniversary celebrations  (as much for our own mental health as anything).

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