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Some of you may have already seen this – an article in PRYING EYE, sent in by a supportive onthebrynkster:


Boryslav Golinski, the civil servant at the centre of ‘The Tides Review’ scandal, has died recently. The Eye wishes to pass on its condolences to his family and friends.

Readers will well remember the debacle of an expensive government review of the tides in the Solway Firth which concluded that ‘the tides went in and out’ and a select committee hearing which effectively trashed Mr Golinski’s professional reputation and set in train a review of the Department for Public Sector Accountability and subsequent ‘retirement’ of its director Sir Reginald Pringleby – Pringleby Fawcett .

Little had been heard of this matter in recent years until Mr Golinski ill-advisedly published his self-serving account of the affair on that scurrilous platform onthebrynk. At the time the consensus had been that the whole thing was indicative of appallingly inept public administration and the phrase ‘we don’t want another tides review’ subsequently became commonplace in a civil service intent on modernisation. However, The Eye has concerns that there may be more to this story than has thus been apparent and that this may point to ineptitude of much more serious proportions.

An Eye reporter attended the funeral of Mr. Golinski, a small affair on a grey, misty, March morning, and brows were raised when a figure in a long dark coat and fedora hat was glimpsed in the shadows of the trees on the edge of the cemetery. More brows were raised (well the same ones actually) when the figure noted the deployment of a camera, at which point it faded quickly away into the bushes (the figure … not the camera … obviously).

The single picture taken was indistinct, but Eye reporters have a wide network of contacts and this one felt there is a resemblance in it to Colonel Yuri Bollochenko, the long serving Russian ‘diplomat’ attached to the embassy in London.

Further investigations have revealed that Mr. Golinski’s father had been a union agitator in the Port of London in the 1930s and was a fully paid up member of The Communist Party of Great Britain. Mr. Golinski himself, as a young man, had been a member of the Communist Party before joining the Labour Party. Moreover, he has been involved in other controversies, such as when he was subject of an internal security hearing by the Ministry of Defence following leaks to the Soviets about the viability of continuing the Blue Streak rocket programme in the light of proposed cuts in defence spending. Allegations against him were famously (within the civil service) dismissed by non-other than ……. Sir Reginald …..  who argued that they were laughable, saying that ‘Mr Golinski lacked the intelligence to be an intelligence officer’.

Just wondering …………….

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onthebrynk is shocked and saddened by this news and sends its best wishes to Boryslav’s family and friends. He was a valued contributor to onthebrynk and his Bogol serial did not only entertain but also provided the blogsite with its first exclusive – a peek behind the façade of a public controversy. We will miss him.

onthebrynk is somewhat embarrassed that it heard about Boryslav’s death from a publication like Prying Eye. Maybe, in the face of unrelenting political mayhem, it has taken its eye off the ball? Maybe we need more nonsense?

onthebrynk would wish to refute and rebut the aspersions cast in the article about the blogsite. We would like to make it clear that onthebrynk never has, and never will, scurry anywhere.


Tricky Times


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  1. Eleri

    More nonsense please !!

    • Bryan

      Well! onthebrynk always aims to be responsive to it’s readership – and yours is not the only comment in this vein Eleri – if one interprets a single word appraisal of ‘Bonkers’ received in a private email as 1) a compliment and 2) encouragement – which I naturally do!

  2. Philip

    This raises grave questions, inspiring me to pen this sombre elergy:

    Of a Whitehall pen pusher named Bogol,
    it was said by his mandarin mogul
    (just after he’d died)
    that he couldn’t have spied,
    since his mental equipment was woeful.

    But the Pringleby-Fawcett
    was so full of horse shit,
    and blind to the ways of the spook,
    that the absence of gumption in Reg’s assumptions,
    let his underling thrice off the hook.

    Bogol’s work at the Firth,
    which occasioned such mirth,
    we now know was only a cover.
    There ain’t no disputing, he answered to Putin
    And Trotsky had fathered his mother.

    So those who deride
    Bogol’s work on the tides
    in the mirror should take stern appraisal
    and ask who’s the fool, the numpty, the tool –
    themselves, or the man from Archangel?

    Now the Russian fleet struts on the Solway,
    (its subs standing off Mull of Galway)
    And T14 tanks
    do threaten our flanks
    and are rumbling down Muswell Hill Broadway.

    So to Bogol let’s raise up our glasses
    (his dust once more dust, ashes ashes)
    This man was a dark horse,
    too late now for remorse.
    The tune we must dance to is Russia’s.

    • Bryan

      Mercilessly versilly
      Prescient or what!
      Is there more to this tale
      Of a man struggling with his lot?

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